Monday, May 9, 2011

A Better Cut

Knives, knives, knives. 

People are always asking me which knives to buy.  It’s truly a great question too. Having a really great (and super sharp) knife is crucial to making your cooking experience easier and fun. Also as a sassy mistress in the kitchen I need the proper toys, er I mean tools. A bad and dull knife can make cooking a chore. It takes a lot trial and error to find the knife that suits you the best. But I will share the tale of “My shiny knife Global and Me."

Once upon a cutting board in a kitchen far, far away lived a happy family of knives called Global…….. Not quite like that. But there are few brands of knifes that I have worked with and enjoy. Wusthof, Henckels and Global. There are many more great ones out there, but I have yet to personally work with them. What you really want to start is a really good 8-inch or 10-inch Chef’s knife and a great paring knife. 


With these two knives you can do just about anything. My personal favorite is my Global SANROKU, Fluted 18 cm blade. I like it because the Global knives have a solid metal handle that extends into the blade. The metal handle is hollow and is very light, which I find is easier when chopping. Some blades/handles are too heavy for my handles. I like something that is easier to weld. The little divots on the blade allow for the food to slide right off, making it super easy to keep on chopping.


But my advice is to go to your local culinary stores like Sur La Table and The Chopping Block (or others similar to these in your area) and try them out. Most places will allow you to try chopping with it before you buy it. 


Happy hunting….. and chopping.


  1. I recommend gerber knives when going camping or going to the wilderness. They can open cans.

  2. Knives are very important tools in the kitchen. My wife loves to cook. That's the reason I bought her a set of knives. I also collect knives that include buck knife and Gerber knife that I use during camping and outing. By the way, knifing skills are important when doing kitchen jobs.

  3. When you are very particular in the use of a knife, you really buy different types to use for different purposes. But when you just like to have a knife so you could use at any instance, you have to buy the one that is heavy duty and would lasts long. I have a kershaw pocket knife that I use for different purposes, just when I would need it.

  4. I cook a lot and preparing my ingredients is the part I love the most. I always try to be expert in cutting and chopping like great chefs do it. It's fun when you have a good knife. I would check your suggested knives and see if those are good for me. cold steel swords