Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Day at the NRA

Another whirlwind day at the National Restaurant association show at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Sit down and watch my travels through the great halls.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Day at the NRA

Whew, what a whirlwind day at the NRA. Day 1 proved to be quite entertaining and tasty from the largest potato I've ever seen, to the 45 second ice-cream making machine. I got to try many tasty gluten-free products that very pretty amazing. I really was amazed about how many more products for vegans, vegetarians and gluten intolerant people there were from years past. Not everything was peachy though, as I think I had about the bitter espresso possible for one to have. Yikes. Also, still on the hunt for a new pair of Dansko chef's clogs. Maybe Day 2 will have that in store for me. Also, I really want to find my friend the Chili Guy who has a super collection of dried chili spices. So, now to put my feet up, get some rest and ready myself for Day 2 of the NRA. I will dream of gumdrops and lollipops until then.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Got My Walking Shoes on for the 2012 NRA show

 Guess what? It’s time for the big daddy of food shows. I’m so excited that the 2012 NRA (Restaurant not Rifle) show in Chicago is starting tomorrow. I will be attending each of the four days and enjoying the whirlwind of food experiences it brings.

I’ve looked over the educational programs and I’m excited about some of them as well. Especially one about how to make and serve amazing gluten-free meals. Gluten-free foodgasms--I like the sound of that!

I know I want to see Stephanie Izard and find out what dish she’ll be demo-ing.  Hey, maybe I’ll get to go up and talk with her afterwards. If I’m lucky, maybe there’ll be a photo or an interview to include in the blog.

I’m looking forward to seeing more vegan and gluten-free products at the show. I’m sure the gluten- free section will be larger than last year. 

Also, it’ll be great to see some friends I’ve made previous years--especially The Chile Guy. He’s from New Mexico and offers a wonderful variety of chile blends. I can vouch for them--I’ve used them and love them.

But that’ll make me thirsty so I’m sure I’ll stop by and see my friends at Reed’s Ginger brew for a nice refreshing ginger beer!

And I have to confess--I’m going shopping too. I bought a pair of Dansko cooking clogs two years ago and adore them. I think I need another pair. Not because they’re worn out. I just want a different color. Red maybe?

I’m interested in the NRA focus on Healthier Kids Fare, since I teach culinary arts to kids at Jenner Academy of the Arts in Chicago. I think everything that can be done to get kids eating healthy is important, so I'm glad the restaurant industry is addressing this.

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