Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Belize/Guatemala trip Day 1

So the director/producer of Foodgasm Etta Worthington and the myself the star/chef of Foodgasm (we are also mother/daughter) have decided to go on an adventure into Belize and Guatemala and blog about the experience and especially our encounters with food in these countries.

Well Day 1 of our travels have not gone as planned and turned a bit crazy. First we arrive at O'hare at 4am for a 5:15am flight to Houston which we barely make due to the very slow (one scanner) line at security. We have an very quick layover in Houston and have a few minutes in which to grab lunch and hop on another plane. I unfortunately could only find a subway breakfast sandwich, not quite the culinary delight.

Luckily we were saved (not knowing how long the walk was to our other gate) by a very friendly people mover operator. I really enjoyed zipping by people and horns blaring as we went by the other travellers. So, safely aboard the second flight headed to Belize City, Belize. Both Etta and I tried to sleep a little since never one of us had really gone to sleep the night before in the frenzy to get packed and ready to leave town. Not much sleep though, as plane sleeping is an art form I have yet to master.

Yay, we have reached Belize as we walk off the stairs right onto the tarmac. The heat was wonderful and it was so very sunny and green. Here is where the trip got a bit crazy. So to simplify it, I am putting it in bullets points. Imagine a nice beat rolling in behind it and some upbeat calypso music playing along.

  • Delayed/lost luggage
  • Waiting
  • United said our luggage "might" be on the next flight from Houston at 3:30 (our flight cam in at 11:30am)
  • Told by United we could catch bus and they would "send" our luggage to the hotel (which is about 5 or more hours away)
  • •decide that was not a "good idea"
  • Waiting
  • Missed 2:30 bus to Flores, Guatemala
  • Figure out new plan and try to make United pay for way to get us to Guatemala (since they lost our luggage and caused the delay...we had hotel reservations in Guatemala)
  • Waiting
  • Hungry so we ate a VERY expensive meal at the airport and had our first Belkin Beer (the local brew)
  • Meal was tasty and some more we waited.
  • Still waiting at 5:30pm and not even sure if the flight had our luggage for sure.
  • Around 6pm (as the tiny Belize airport was cleaning up and closing around us) the flight cam in.
  • Happily reunited with our luggage
  • United agent finally said they would pay to send us in a cab to our hotel in Santa Elena, Guatemala.
  • All seemed well as we drove along.
  • Cab driver even stopped to let us pick us some Belikin Beer to drink (it's legal) along the way.
  • Life was good for a moment
  • Stopped for a bathroom break and was charged .50 each to use the toilet (they woman gave us a few slips of TP). Seemed strange, but everyone has to make a buck.
  • As we are getting closer to the Guatemalan border the cab driver asks again for the address.
  • Cabbie says this isn't where he was told by United to take us. 
  • Almost dropped off at Guatemalan border at night.
  • Re-route to San Ignacio
  • Keep fingers crossed that the Aguada Hotel (which we've stayed at before and have reservations for on night #3) had a room.
  • Thankfully yes and room gotten.
  • Much needed showers!!!!
  • A semi OK dinner at the hotel (but no foodgasm)
  • SLEEP after being up (at least for me) for 36 hours straight.

Wondering now way Day #2 will bring :)

Ashley is smiling a little to big for 4am with no sleep.
Etta, all set to go for our Travel/Food adventure
View from plane......SOOOOO GREEN

Lost luggage report :(
Etta's a thirsty woman!

A 'homemade" hot sauce in a repurposed soy sauce bottle

Airport lunch:Beans/rice, fried plantains, grilled veggies, fried grouper and potato salad.

Tired of soooo much waiting.
Etta tried to multi-task in her very tired state.

Tiny Garnachas for an appetizer

Grilled veggie burrito with a ranchero sauce.

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