Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 2 Starts with Fry Jack

Two words. Well, three, really. Fry jack. Chaya.
We went looking for breakfast, and walked two miles into a neighboring town.

We landed at Martha’s Guest House and Restaurant in the town of San Ignacio.

Well, it was nearly one o’clock but our stomachs said breakfast. So that’s what we ordered.  

Fry jack was on the menu. We had faint memories of them from a previous visit to Belize.  (Note: some say the term fry jack is plural—one should never orders fry jacks.) So along with Martha’s Mayan Scramble there was an order of fry jack. 

Haven’t heard of them? Think beignets but savory. Like beignets, fry jack is simple. A dough of flour, salt, shortening and water. Fried in oil.

Traditionally fry jack is served with eggs, vegetables, refried beans, and meat.  The chef part of Ashley couldn’t leave the fry jack alone, so after enjoying it with eggs, she asked for a little honey and drizzled some on a fry jack, for a sweet treat.

 The second new thing? Chaya.  This came as part of the Mayan scramble. In taste and texture it resembled swiss chard.  

What we discovered is that chaya is more similar to other greens. A shop keeper we spoke with said it was something between a collard and a mustard green.

What was most surprising is how it’s grown. Chaya comes from a large plant that more tree-like. In fact it’s called tree spinach.  And it’s supposed to be even better for you than spinach.

The huevos rancheros I ordered came with freshly made hot corn tortillas!  Wonderful. I just wanted to each tortillas and fry jack!  Which I did. Along with my eggs.
Tasty breakfast. Came close to a foodgasm.  And we were fortified for the day and lots of walking.

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