Friday, December 21, 2012

Our first dinner in Placencia, Belize

After a long day of traveling, my mom and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out in Placencia. We found a place near our cabana that looked promising and had lovely outdoor seating, so we could enjoy the beautiful evening air. The place is called Wendy’s (no not the fast food place). It had many fresh and local seafood options and especially some conch dishes. 

Mom and I have been both looking to try conch.  We decided to get two appetizers and one entrée to share. We got the conch fritters, conch ceviche, and then jerk grouper for our entrée. Also we had gin and tonics, Belizean style. It was made with a local made gin and a special pink Belizean tonic. It was a little less sweet and not quite as strong.   
Ashley enjoys a Belizean gin and tonic

Conch fritters

Conch ceviche
Ashley was enoying the jerk grouper so much, we almost forgot to take a picture of it
The conch fritters were good, but no foodgasms. They were a bit dense and not crispy on the edges. The dipping sauce, which was a lemony mayonnaise, was pretty good. Next was the conch ceviche was a little better (at least to me--mom and I differed on the appetizers). It was nice a zippy and had a good heat and was served with tortillas chips.

And the entrée, the jerk grouper, was awesome. It came with coconut rice and a small salad. The rice was subtle but cooked perfectly. The jerk grouper was tangy and spicy and so moist. It had just the right amount of heat. Definitely the best part of the meal. And since I do have a mini sweet tooth from time to time I tried the coconut flan. It was an OK flan, but I did end up eating the whole thing by myself……so maybe it was a little better than just OK.

Coconut flan

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