Thursday, December 20, 2012

Planes, buses, and . . . boats?

It was going to be easy. Just walk out to the highway (hauling suitcases) and catch the bus to Belmopan.  Then at Belmopan take a bus to Placencia. Maybe 3 or 3 ½ hours.

Well, it started okay. Pulling our rolling suitcase four blocks down a dirt road. (Well, that was a little challenge.) But the bus cam right away.  And by bus, think school bus. Old school bus. Not painted yellow.

Well, not terribly comfortable but okay.  It was an express bus so we made it from San Ignacio to Belmopan in 45 minutes.  Then the surprise.  The next bus was only going to Dangriga and we would have to change buses there and board another one for Placencia.  That might take four hours altogether.

So, we lined up to wait for the bus. Signs said single file, and that people would load the bus eight at a time.  We were standing next to a snack bar selling sandwiches and plantain chips.  The chips looked good. Freshly made.  We bought a bag.

And we boarded the bus.  What was going to be a nice orderly boarding of the bus wash a free for all. And there I was two bags and a backpack in tow. Grey-haired. Would have thought that counted for something.  No. So even though Ashley and I were about the fourth and fifth in line, we were pushed out of the way, got in front of. And yes, we did get on the bus. The seats? Well, I got one half of a school bus bench seat. Ashley got a third.

By the time we made Dangriga, a couple of hours later, the crowd had thinned out and we both had our own seat.

Long story short.  We missed the Placencia bus and were advised to continue on to a town called Independence. And from there a water taxi ride of only 15 minutes to Placencia.

What they didn’t tell us was there was a two-hour wait for the water taxi, and it was a half mile or so from the bus station. Drag and pull.  And then the wait, and the plantain chips were oh so good.
We put our right feet in. We put our left feet in , , ,

When we finally made it to our cabana, we’d been on the road (or water) seven hours.

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