Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chef Simone’s Favorite Kitchen Toys: The Zester

Some of my favorite kitchen tools are my zesters. Zesters are super handy can be used for many culinary jobs in the kitchen. Zesters come in many sizes and range from fine to course zest. I love to use mine for citrus zest, fresh grated nutmeg, fluffly grated Parmesan cheese and shaved chocolate on desserts. Also, using a zester with fresh ginger is a great way if you need a bit of ginger pulp to zest up a recipe.

Zesters are easy to clean and fairly inexpensive ($9-$16). A definite must in any foodie or budding foodie’s kitchen. A really good quality line of zesters that I prefer is made by Microplane.

Also zesters can make a nice little paddle for naughty prep cooks. OH MY! Yes, I do love my zesters to help me make some yummy Foodgasms. Sometimes just a little zest is all you need to make a decent dish turn spectacular.


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