Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maple soy glazed salmon with rice and zesty sautéed spinach

Another Friday is approaching, so here's another fish recipe for you. This recipe is one of my favorites to make because it is pretty easy to make and is super flavorful. This recipe is for two-- for you and a special friend. But feel free to increase the recipe to suit how many people you are cooking for.  This recipe will be a crowd favorite for sure. Make sure to add a little Foodgasmic fish dish to your Friday nights!

Maple soy glazed salmon with rice and zesty sautéed spinach
Serves 2

2 salmon filets, rinsed and patted dry
½ cup soy sauce
½ cup maple syrup
1 tablespoon scallions (green parts chopped in little rings, for garnish)

1 bag (6oz) baby spinach
1 tablespoon butter or olive oil
Juice of one lemon (about 3 tablespoons)
Dash salt
Dash fresh cracked pepper

2 cups cooked rice (I recommend Jasmine or Basmati)

  • Pour the soy sauce and maple syrup into a bowl. 
  • Marinate the salmon filets in the liquids for at least 30 minutes (longer is fine too) in the refrigerator. 
  • While you’re doing this, prepare the rice to the package directions. I prefer to use Jasmine or Basmati, since they are so aromatic and flavorful. To make 2 cups of cooked rice, you will need to use 1 cup uncooked rice.
  • Chop scallions and set aside.
  •  Once the salmon is done marinating. Put the liquid in a pot and cook down until it reduces to a thicker consistency. It should reduce down about three times. You don’t really need to stir it much, just simmer it over medium to medium-low heat. This will be the glaze for on top of the salmon. Set aside when done.
  • To cook the salmon, you can do so by grilling it or sautéing it. If in a sauté pan, make sure to spray it with cooking spray or use a little olive oil so it will not stick. If grilling, make sure to oil the grill well before you put down the filets. Depending upon the thickness and how done you like it; you should cook it 2-4 minutes for each side.
  •  Take the salmon off the heat and put on a plate and cover with tin foil, as you prepare the spinach.
  • Heat up a large sauté pan at medium to medium-high heat and add in the butter or oil.
  • Put in all the spinach all at once. Squeeze or add in lemon juice and season with salt.
  • With tongs or fork, flip spinach around a few times over the heat, until it just starts to wilt (only a minute or two at most). Take it out before it’s fully wilted, as the carryover cooking will continue.
  • For plating, put down the rice (you can spray a little cup or bowl with cooking spray, fill it with rice and use that for a form if you want. Then just invert it on the plate and take off the cup/bowl). Put salmon on top or to the side of the rice and drizzle with the marinade. Then sprinkle the scallions on top for garnish. Put the spinach next to the salmon and viola, you have a fanatic looking meal.
Try this recipe. You're going to love it.


  1. Love this! How simple, nutritious and perfectly easy! We're going to feature this on our Facebook page and link here so people can see how you made it, and your lovely photography. If you wish, come LIKE us on Facebook for more recipes and tips on super healthy greens like kale, chard, beet, mustard, turnip, collard, escarole, dandelion and other green leafies.

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