Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slurpily Good

One of my absolute favorite Disney movies of all time has to be Lady and the Tramp. You’re probably familiar with the 1955 animated classic about an upper class Cocker Spaniel named Lady who falls in love with a street mutt called Tramp. There are several memorable moments throughout the film, but one scene stands out from all the rest.
It’s the infamous spaghetti and meatball scene! Who knew Italian chefs catered to stray dogs in alleys? I should start hanging out in alleys—I’d never have to spend my hard earned money on spaghetti and meatballs again. Lady and the Tramp’s romantic first date sadly exceeds some of the first dates I’ve had!
After the Tramp escorts Lady to the zoo, they frolic leash-free and end up outside of Tony’s restaurant. Tramp scratches at the back door and the most stereotypical Italian man I have ever seen (Tony) pops his head out. Tony sets the table and speaks broken English to the dogs, “What a-you gonna-a have?” “Bark bark.” Obviously, “bark bark” means they decided on spaghetti and meatballs…duh.
As the two pups slurp up noodles, Tony and his sous chef, Joe decide to serenade them to, “Bella Notte.” The dogs end up sharing a noodle and kiss. Lady looks away bashfully while Tramp nudges the last meatball her way. Wow, so adorable it’s disgusting.

I used to watch Lady and the Tramp twice a week, at least. After re-watching the five-minute YouTube clip as an adult it’s slightly comical. I mean, clearly the stray dogs that don’t pay or tip are far more important than the customers in the restaurant. Ha! Bananas. Regardless it remains one of the most endearing and heartfelt scenes in Disney history. Salute!
So when was the last time you slurp down a spaghetti noodle? Or do you cut, or twirl?

By Marlena Riddell

Marlena markets and promotes independent film projects in the Chicago area. In her free time she blogs about indie entertainment news for ChicagoNow

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