Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watch those meatballs!

Food in the movies. Well, maybe for some of you that means what you buy at the concession stand. Pretty sure that doesn’t produce foodgasms!

But food in the movies: in previous posts we’ve looked at wonderful feasts. Like the incredible spread in Babette’s Feast. Or the incredible dish and the heart incorporated in that, in Big Night.

Well here’s a very different look at food in the movies, that may not focus on the foodgasm, but the lack of it.

Consider the 1960 movie “The Apartment” starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.  (Especially at a minute and 11 seconds into this trailer.)

Well, most definitely we don’t recommend tennis rackets as colanders! But we will continue to make recommendations of kitchen items we can’t live without! As in a recent post.

Spaghetti is a basic dish that even a fledgling cook can attempt to make.  Have you made a spaghetti sauce that is worth remembering? Or one you hope will be forgotten?

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