Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Doing It By Hand

In the kitchen I have a few favorite kitchen “toys” that I love to work with. One of them is my hand juicer. Hand juicers come in different sizes and colors. Some hand juices come in a color that corresponds to the size and fruit that it fits. Orange color is large to fits orange halves, yellow color is medium to fit lemon halves and green is small to fit lime halves. Mine is yellow and nicely accommodates both lemons and limes.

I love that it’s a quick and easy way to juice citrus without all the seeds and a little less messy too. Though personally I don’t mind when an extra juicy lemon gives me a quick squirt every once and awhile. To me that's part of the joy of cooking.

I really like that this tool is super easy to clean and also so fun looking. With its bright color, it looks great in most any kitchen. I find my hand juicer works just perfect for all my recipes that need fresh citrus juice. Also, fresh juice is cheaper, healthier and much better tasting than juice out of a bottle.

You can find this hand juicer at most general retail and gourmet food stores. It’s a perfect addition to your basic kitchen utensil collection. Have fun squeezing!!!

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