Monday, April 22, 2013

Grow Your Own

It’s Earth Day. Time to talk about growing your own. No, I’m not talking about anything illegal. How about some herbs that will notch up the flavor of your food (which is always the Foodgasmic way).

Actually Earth Day erupted as a protest against pollution just 43 years ago. And with that first commemoration came a chilling warning about global warming.


For many, celebrating Earth Day has come to symbolize planting new trees. But you may not have an acre to plant trees one. So why not bring some greenery into your house.

And while you’re at it, why not have that greenery be something you can also eat.

Homemade rosemary vinegar
 This is a rosemary plant I bought two months ago. I put it in a larger pot, placed it in a sunny window, and watered it almost daily. My $3.00 purchase is doing quite well, and has already been used several times.

 How to use rosemary? Well, it’s often combined with meat or poultry dishes. Whole springs of rosemary can be roasted with fish quite nicely as well. Oh, and there are other possibilities. Soups. Breads (can you say focaccia). Rosemary can add a subtle taste to dishes or drinks, such as rosemary infused oils or vinegars. Or cocktails.

Think about celebrating Earth Day today in your kitchen. Buy a potted herb. Green plants in your home can reduce the air pollution inside. And you can use parts of that herb to add flavor to your food.

 Happy Earth Day.

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