Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh Those Nuggets!

When the days of packing became no longer hip, buying lunch for a cool $1.50 was my only option. That buck and change got you a protein, a vegetable, fruit which was usually swimming in heavy syrup, a roll and milk. No too shabby, eh? Everyone had a favorite lunch day. Some loved pizza, others preferred taco day and Philly cheese steak day was always a crowd-pleaser. For me, when it was chicken nugget day, anything seemed possible. Sad.

It’s hilarious to think back on how much processed nuggets, which probably contained mainly beaks, toe nails and feathers made my teenage day. I remember there being this giant container, essentially a bathtub full of BBQ sauce you could ladle on your tray for dipping. Gross. You could even get “double-lunch,” which is exactly how it sounds. You pay $3.00 for ten nuggets instead of five, get two rolls, two fruit cups, etc. I did this on multiple occasions. There was also a snack line which also got you a choco-dipped something or other. How the hell was I not a fat kid?

As the years progressed lunches did get a wee bit healthier but you had to pay a little bit more. In high school we actually has a pretty decent salad bar. Well, the lettuce wasn’t exactly pristine but it was a better option. I must say I did make better choices the older I got. Well, until senior year when we were allowed to go out for lunch. Hijinks definitely trumped a good meal at age seventeen.

With the help of PSA’s and documentaries like, Super Size Me and HBO’s Weight of the Nation series,school lunches are making strides. Well, at least that’s what it looks like from the outside. 

I honestly feel that if a school cafeteria is equipped with a salad bar, fruit variety and quality snacks a child will choose one of these options. That’s something. I have not eaten school lunch in over thirteen years. As an adult I am curious too see if the quality has improved, ya know, check out what these 2013 chicken nuggets are all about.

What was your favorite lunch? Would you define it as nutritional? Let me know!

By Foodgasm's PR and Social Media specialist, Marlena Riddell

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