Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It's time to celebrate. I have a perfect little appetizer that would be great for your New Year's Eve Party.  It's super easy to make and not too naughty. 

Makes 20-30 cups

2 seedless cucumbers
4 ounces of cream cheese, softened
4 ounces crème fraiche (Mexican crema or sour cream will also work)
1 Tablespoon fresh chopped basil
1 Tablespoon fresh chopped chives
1 Tablespoon fresh chopped Italian parsley
¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper
Dash kosher salt

OPTIONAL (garnish)
A few chives
A handful of capers
A small amount of caviar

Using a vegetable peeler, slice alternating strips lengthwise down the cucumbers. It should look like long stripes of green (unpeeled) and white (peeled) on the cumber.

Cut off the ends of the cumber. Cut into 1 to 1 ½ inch rounds.

Using a melon-baller or small spoon, scoop a little cucumber from each round to make a little “bowl”. 

For Cream Filling
Whip cream cheese till nice and soft in mixer. Add in crème fraiche, beat till smooth and creamy (it should soft enough to pipe through a pastry bag, but not too soft that it doesn’t hold the shape)

Mix in the fresh herbs; dash salt and ¼ teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper.

Using a rubber spatula, spoon cheese mixture into a piping bag with a large holed tip (if you don’t have a piping bag, a plastic baggie can be used instead and just cut off the tip after the bag has been filled).

For Assembly
Using the piping bag, pipe out a small decorative amount of the cheese mixture into the cucumber cups.

Optional- Garnish with snipped chives, capers or caviar.

I also want to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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