Monday, January 20, 2014

Too Much Cheese?

By Marlena Riddell

Like most of you I’m making my way into the new year with high hopes for my 2014 resolution. My goal this year is to pump the brakes on my meat intake. I mean, I was never exclusively a carnivore, ya know? I was never piling ribs on my plate like a Flintstone, but I still consumed meat more often than I thought I should.

I have gone on meatless stints in the past but unfortunately they only last for a few weeks and then I falter. I will not list all the reasons why I chose the vegetarian path for fear of sounding like a holier-than-thou piece of bitch candy. So, won’t go there.

Anywho, what have I been doing to cut the meat cravings so I don’t feel like I’m being jipped? Like any lactose-loving person I’ve been loading everything with cheese! Oh, and let’s not forget the sour cream.

Ok, ok. I know too much dairy can be just as harmful to your health as meat, but I like it so much! What’s vegetarian chili without a heap of sour cream? If I can’t have bacon with my eggs then why shouldn’t I have an extra cheesy omelet. Don’t even get me started about gourmet grilled cheese!

I’m aware of the fact that greek yogurt and soy cheese are low fat alternatives, but let’s be honest, they are a essentially the methadone to my queso addiction. I want the real thing, dammit.

I guess I’ll have to be choosy with my cheese choices (how’s that for an alliteration, eh?). Perhaps pick some lighter/low-fat ones and for the richer ones, use, dare I say *gasp* moderation?. I came this far on saying farewell to the taco al pastor, I guess I can use one slice instead of two, or put cheese on the backburner altogether for one meal a day.

So have you ever tried to make a big change in your diet? How did it go for you?

Marlena Riddell is a PR and social media specialist for Foodgasm.

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