Friday, February 14, 2014

Hot Buns

When I first decided to stop eating gluten, I decided I wasn’t just going to eat like I had been, with just substituting gluten-free products.  I decided to evaluate how much bread I was eating.  And I have to say—it was a bit.  I love good bread.

So I stopped eating bread and decided to slowly decide what gluten-free substitutes I might want to include in my diet.
One of the first things I missed was rolls.  I don’t eat meat, but my grilled salmon burger begged for a roll. As did my occasional tofu dog. (Yes, some are gluten free.)

It didn’t take me long to zero in on what I found fairly tasty.  And please note: I have discovered that trying to find a gluten-free substitute that seems exactly like what it is replacing, doesn’t seem quite possible. At least for me.

 So what I discovered was that Udi’s hot dog and hamburger rolls are pretty good.   I glanced at the ingredient list. My surprise? Tapioca is the second ingredient on the list.  And after I had decided I didn’t like products with tapioca starch (or tapioca flour) in them.

Finding them may be a little problem.  Not every grocery store has a gluten-free section in their frozen foods area.  But that’s where you’ll find the rolls.

Udi’s, by the way, is based in Denver and claims to the the number one gluten-free brand in America. Although they started in 1994, they didn’t experiment with gluten-free products until 2008.  And the hot dog and hamburger rolls were first brought to market in 2011.

Well, I guess I’ll need to stock up on these rolls, because spring is going to come.  (Yes, I’m an optimist.)  And maybe by then I’ll have found a gluten-free vegie burger that I like. 

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