Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Kitchen Sink: Gourmet Camping Part 2

I confess.

I don't travel light.

My mother tells me I remind her of her mother, who, mom claims,  would take everything but the kitchen sink when she went camping.

Well, I have one-upped grandma. I do bring the kitchen sink.

I am a chef, after all. And even in the wild, or the not so wild as this state park was, I have to have enough of my tools there to be able to throw down some great meals.

So here's my set up.

This is a Cabela's camp kitchen.  And this all folds up to 34" x 7.5" x 20" and fits into a nice carrying case.

Here to the basic structure, I've added not one, but two camp stoves.  It just doesn't seem possible to cook on only two burners, so I go for four.

The kitchen sink I mentioned?  It's under the center black surface, which can be removed. But, to tell you the truth, it's not the easiest to use, so I just use it for additional storage.

Of course when I'm camping, I bring a small knife kit with cooking utensils, and a small spice kit as well. And a cutting board or two. I also bring a few nesting bowls and prep bowls. And some old cooking pans.  A cast iron skillet--I wouldn't go camping without one.

I haven't yet devised the perfect dish washing scenario.  But the double dishpan method seems to work until I find a better solution.

Enough about the kitchen. What you want to know is what comes out of the kitchen. I'll tell you more of that in the next post.

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