Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why I Can't Cook Breakfast: Gourmet Camping Part 5

I guess I shouldn't try to make breakfast when camping.

It will never be breakfast. It will always come out around lunchtime so I might as well just plan that I am always making brunches.

So my breakfast was a little fruit and some juice.  Then a 45 minute hike. Then, yes, brunch. That meant lighting a fire--partly to keep the bugs at bay. And starting to work in my kitchen.

I had intentionally brought along enough shrimp for a couple of meals, so I planned for some barbecued shrimp for this brunch. To accompany this a delight--cheese grits.

The shrimp I marinated for a while, as the fire was settling.

The grits I starts on the stove, cooking the grits and milk and a little salt.  When it was done I added the cheese, and since I made it rather runny, it was a good dish to set over the coals to cook down some more. And, while the shrimp was grilling, I sauteed a little spinach with garlic to go along with the grits and shrimp.

On the side, I sliced fruit I had brought along.

Ah. A lovely brunch.  Made me just want to sit down by the fire and close my eyes. For just a minute.

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