Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hot Mulled Cider

Nothing quite says holidays like the smell of hot mulled cider.
For me that means Christmas
A big pot of cider on the stove simmering.  This gives your home such wonderful holiday fragrances. And the good thing is it's very easy to make.

First, of course, you need cider.  The better the cider the better the taste. I often will mull a whole gallon.

Put your cider in a big pot, preferably a stainless steel one,  like a stock pot. Turn on the heat. There's a couple more things that you need to make this drink.

First, of course, is cinnamon. Then cloves. And one more spice that really adds to the flavor. That's allspice.

Now, it;s important that you use the whole spice. For all three, the cinnamon stick, the cloves and the allspice--use the whole spice, not the ground version. How much? I don't have an exact recipe written, but I usually usefour or five small cinnamon sticks, a couple of pinches of cloves and four or five balls of allspice.

Throw this in the pot with the cider.  I also like to slice an orange and then cut those slices in half and add these while the cider is simmering.

 Bring the cider to a boil and then turn it down. Simmer for a half hour, Your house will smell great and you'll jave a great hot drink.

To make this even better, add a little bourbon or dark rum to each cup of cider.