Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Day, Another Fish

The Second Day
Still on the quest for great food.
No Diablos Rojos today.  First stop the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal. Our cab driver stopped at a gas station and I got a café con leche. Now in Panama, the coffee is essentially espresso with steamed milk. More like a small latte with more robust coffee flavor.  The cup size is small but very satisfying.
No food at the Canal. Just a profound appreciation for what and encredible engineering feat this was and is (they are adding two more locks for larger ships).
But we were hungry so we returned to Casco Viejo.
We’d read about Café Rene.  And got dropped off near where it was. But then we set out for it we could not find it.  It took asking five people where it was until we found it.  Panama City doesn't do well with street names or numberss.
Nothing amazing. A prix fixe menu.  A cornmeal empada type appetizer, a salad, a rice dish that was lovely, but left us wondering, what were those julienned orange strips. Ashley voted for some kind of squash.  I said maybe a pepper that had been peeled.  No answer, but it was tasty.  And the fish, pretty so so.
More exploring. We wanted something close to our apartment after our long day and a relaxing swim.  We lucked on a sushi restaurant only a block away.  (Okay, we walked about four blocks to get there.)
Yum and a couple of takeaway thoughts.
A garnish of thinkly sliced/peeled beats. Quite a delightful surprise and apleasing 
The size of the sushi rolls were amazing. They were fat. And stuffed with ingredients.
Very satisfying. Fresh. Tasty.
But, Sushi Mike never has any competition in my book.  No place equals Tanoshi in my book.


  1. Another Day, Another Fish, yummy all these fish recipes look so great and yummy too at the same time.I can't wait to have them in my tummy

  2. Oh my goodness those look amazing! I want to try it! This looks incredibly healthy AND delicious. I really want to try this recipe.Thanks for sharing!