Thursday, March 24, 2016

How About That Panamanian Food

One American ex-pat that we met told us something about the cuisine of Panama. "You don't come to Panama for the food," she said. And, after exploring a bit, we can concur.  Sadly in quest of a foodgasm, we went to the oldest and one of the classiest hotels in Boquete.  The Panamonte   We were assured it would be a great meal. We decided to start with a couple of appetizers.  Ah. As they came to the table we were delighted with the presentation.  First the Corvina Ceviche Panamonte style.
Clearly the presentation was way ahead of that Fish Market sea bass ceviche of a couple of days ago.  We dug in, and . . .
Were disappointed.  Pretty bland. Not much of any kick to it. Understated flavors.  
The next appetizer. Maybe that would be better. The yellow fin tuna tiradito, cracked pepper and sesame, apple-microgreen salad.
And the presentation did not disappoint.
It was an odd mix and the tuna tasted strange. Not quite like tuna I'd ever had.
Well, after those two dishes, we gave up. Decided not even to try an entree.  But I did scathe dessert menu. Oh, yes. A lemon pie.  I never can resist that.
Good news! It lived up to the hype. I couldn't eat it all but you can bet I took the rest home with me.
But my discriminating Chicago palate has not been satisfied.


  1. I agree to the fact that some hotels have yummy food but they are not aware of how to present it. Whereas some restraunts have awsome presentation but unbearable taste.

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