Friday, March 18, 2016

Lost in Translation

Where in the world is Chef Ashley Simone of Foodgasm? I've been buried in parties and wedding whipping up food to feed the masses. But you can follow me on a culinary tour of Panama.  Come along as we sip and slurp and savor our way through a country known mostly for its Canal. Come along to explore more than the panama Canal. And where does that tour start?  Well at the airport of course. Starving at 5 am at O’Hare Airport, what’s there to eat? I don't want to go there. But the pleasant surprise came at Atlanta’s Hirschfield Airport.  Which was great since there was a LONG layover before boarding for Panama City. Lots of variety. Lots of fresh things,  We’re in terminal E and the choices include a high end sushi restaurant and a food court that includes--well, yes a Macdonalds,  But other more intersting options, like a bar serving fresh crepes and smoothies and yogurt
But we settled on a fresh foods bistro and found some vegetarian soups and fresh salads. I made the best choice: a vegetarian chili and a fresh chopped kale sald with bruseels sprouts, garbanzo beans, quinoa, and dried cranberries. Ahhhh. Real food. In an airport. And we listen to live piano music  (yes, in a food court) then migrate to the lovely bar made out of cocrete and glass chards.  We settled on a prosecco and a viognier.
Life is good. We are cleansing our palate. Ready for the tastes and treasures of Panama.      


  1. Everything was good till before you mentioned the fish market. How can you describe it with so much beauty to me it is similar to hell because of the smell.

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