Monday, March 21, 2016

Planes, Trains, and . . . . Taxis!

So today we got up early to go to Boquete via airplane, bus and two crazy cab rides. I was very happy to find a coffee shop open at the tiny domestic airport. I really love this country's cafe con leche. Strong and creamy. Unfortunately my mother has yet to find decaf here or anyone who understands what it is. She had to settle for a tea con leche. Panama is definitely a pro-caffeine country and I personally am fine with that.


So after finally landing in Boquete, we are both starving and looking for lunch. After looking a few menus, we found a place with the sign Fish Tacos hanging out front. Well it was food, but nothing to amazing. The fish was Amberjack and was amazing, th rest of it was so so. But I did get to wash it down with a nice local beer called Balboa.


And while food shopping to make our own simple meal, we ran into the largest display of canned tuna that I've ever seen. So many brands, flavors and qualities. Very impressive!



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