Friday, March 25, 2016

Two Best Things About Boquete

Finally! Finally I found a restaurant I feel comfortable in. After a long day walking to town and back. Of going to the Gringo Market. That's a weekly event where vendors bring their wares. You'll find everything from produce, to prepared food items, to crafts, to handmade potions. And even a vendor selling stun guns. We decided to dine at RetroGusto. This is an Italian-themed restaurant that's only three months old.  The chef is from Italy and his wife, a gracious hostess, hails from Shanghai. The decor made me feel right at home.  It was warm wood, loftly, almost church-like feeling. But simple with nice lighting.  The wine list was not extensive but such a relief from the red wine or white wine, we saw printed on most menus. That's it  just two choices, no hint of varietal.   Here, we opted for a Chilean cabernet-carminere blend that was just slightly chilled. Perfect.   Risotto. After perusing the menu, we decided to share a pumpkin risotto. And it was soupy, like I prefer.  A delight to see and defintely foodgasmic.  
And we shared a delicately sautéed corvino, skin on, with a tomato sauce and microgreens over a bed of steamed vegetables which included the best green beans I've ever had.  
And you may know that I'm not one to shy away from dessert, so I had a white chocolate floral essence panna cotta with a mango sauce.  Heavenly! And the chef gave me a sample of a digestif--a passionfruiut liqueur similar to a limoncello.
Now the other best thing about Boquete. Casa Penelope.  Through AirBnB, we got a room with Penny, an ex-pat, mover and shaker, who knows everyone!  We asked her if she's rhe unofficial mayor of the ex-pat community.  She smiled. "Yes."
Not only did she pick us up from the bus and drop us off again when it was time to go, but there were happy hour ttimes on her back patio with her two lovely dogs Peanut and Kia. Between Penny and RetroGusto, I certainly want to go back. 


  1. Your blog post makes me want to go there. Can you share your travel details, with financials and other stuff. I would love to get some idea for myself. Thanks

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